To assist our clients reach their full potential, we have experience in all areas of web development.

Put your company on the internet to increase sales and lead generation.

Beginning with coding and markup for web design and content, we take a comprehensive approach to web development. As a team of capable professionals, we are proud of ourselves. Our goal is to improve your website so that it not only ranks higher in search engines but also gives our users the greatest experience possible.

To achieve a high level of success, today’s major and small businesses use the e-commerce solution. At Webcraft Infotech, we offer a superb collection of e-commerce web development services to assist clients in achieving their desired outcome. We are fully aware of the advancements made in the industry of online purchasing, and as a result, the solutions we provide are both clever and effective. BigCommerce is a great framework that helps businesses develop a powerful online presence. It is one of the most significant advancements in the domain of e-commerce.

With our talented team of developers, Webcraft infotech offers an interesting array of major business services. Our customers receive personalised web development solutions from us. The team’s goal is to optimise the Biggest Big-commerce platform in accordance with the customer’s time frame. It also takes a methodical approach to delivering high-quality solutions.

BigCommerce Customization, BigCommerce Marketing and SEO, BigCommerce Designing, BigCommerce Add-ons, BigCommerce Website Maintenance and Support, and BigCommerce Template Development and Design are all included in our BigCommerce services.

E-commerce Solutions

Our company has a successful solution for developing e-commerce and shopping cart software for online businesses.

CMS, WordPress E-commerce

We develop content management systems (CMS) to allow you to effectively manage site content.


Our team advances customized solutions for the development of intranets and extranet, Sharepoint integration and knowledge management.

Each project has its unique set of objectives, target audience, and possibilities. Our approach to successful projects starts with a tried-and-true method for identifying and dealing with the unexpected.

A/B Testing vs. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Conversion rate optimization is a practise that lets you test versions of existing E-Commerce interface elements and processes that work better than others for your online business, in contrast to overall design connected to user experience design.

We formulate tests, plan and produce variations, set up technical A/B or segmentation tests, and analyse the results to pick a winning artist. As a result, key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversions and newsletter sign-ups see an increase in conversion rates.

In order to select the best tests to maximise the effect beyond conversion, optimization of conversion rate should be linked to traffic quality management, current client research, and behaviour data synthesis. This approach to CRO ensures that you will improve the positive experience of your consumers, increasing their lifetime value (LTV)

Strategy for UX Ecommerce (E-Commerce User Experience & Competitor Audit )

We must first assess where you are currently before we can create a digital experience that builds consumer loyalty and puts you ahead of the competition. We conduct user experience audits on your e-commerce platform to determine how well your present experiences fulfil customer expectations and how your offer compares to rivals’ offerings.

These assessments can then be compared to industry best practises. Then we look at the procedures that need to be taken to boost sales and the expenditures that need to be made to provide your company an online competitive advantage.

We make recommendations for improving user experiences in the short and long term based on the results of this investigation. These can range from small, powerful usability enhancements to a complete overhaul of your e-commerce user experience.